What Deepika doesn’t want to wear

Ram-Leela, the film was has been much talked about for it’s storyline and the passion shown onscreen had its two actors work etra hard on it.Deepika PAdukone and Ranveer Singh talk about the amount of hard work that each of them had to put in to get the character right for the film. While Ramveer had quite some time to work on it, Deepika joined the team only two weeks before the shoot schedule started. But, it was perhaps Deepika who had to do extra work, as apart from the body language and emoting, she also had to carry off heavy costumes and jewellery. The colourful ghagras that she was seen adorning in the film weighed 25 to 30 kgs which was designed by Anju Modi and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Not only that, she also had to wear heavy jewellery, especially the earrings. On a recent visit to the city, the actress shared, “I will not be wearing earrings for a long time. I had to wear really heavy earrings for the film throughout the scheduled.”

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