Deepika and Imran on how to keep the romance alive

If you feel the spark in your relationship is missing, and there’s no excitement left between you and your partner, here are some tips from actors Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone who played on screen lovers in the 2010 movie Break Ke Baad.

The stars will be seen together once again, but in an advertisement for iconic beauty brand. The advertisement, likely to be high on romance, will go on air on December 1.

Here is what the two have to share:

Deepika, who had a roaring relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor in the past, said: “I think igniting the spark means keeping the romance alive in your relationship by doing the unexpected. Surprise your partner in pleasant ways, something that he or she wouldn’t anticipate.

“Nowadays, couples tend to take each other for granted because they feel they know each other inside out which results in loss of spark and enthusiasm in the relation. The second most important thing is to not lose yourself. Take care of yourself, your space and only then will you be able to take care of your relationship.”

Imran, who married Avantika Malik after dating her for almost a decade, said: “I think the first step to igniting the spark in your relationship is to spend sufficient amount of time with each other. Igniting the spark differs from relation to relation.

“Spending quality time with each other will help you nurture the relationship well and putting in that extra effort to make yourself and your partner look good keeps the thrill alive. Feeling your best and being happy with yourself is key.”



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