Yoga calms me down: Deepika


Deepika Padukone

Looking good and healthy is important in our profession. I do regular exercises, yoga, eat healthy and think positive to stay fit. Since I am an early riser, I spend quality time in the garden lawns to inhale fresh air and do light free-hand exercises before I start my day. I’m not a habitual gym-hitter. Whenever I am in the mood, I just visit a fitness studio. Otherwise, it’s always a home-bound affair. Often Pilates and light-weight training trickle into my regime. Yoga poses keep my nerves calm and help me strike a spiritual connect somewhere deep inside. I do stretching quite frequently, even on my film sets, as it only requires some space and a mat to do the job. And touchwood, my date with badminton since my school-life has kept me very quick and flexible on the feet.

To be on diet doesn’t mean to starve yourself and I completely subscribe to that idea. I eat small meals at regular intervals. My breakfast begins with two egg whites and ends up with a glass of low fat milk. Lunch is spread out with grilled fish. I’m also fond of my daily quota of vegetables. If I have to snack in the evening, I munch on almonds with a sip from a cup of filter coffee.



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