[ARTICLE]Deepika Padukone, the superhero!

Deepika Padukone is one of the favourite leading ladies of the B-Town but the actress fights like a superhero in her upcoming film Kochadaiyaan.

“I come from a family where sports is a given. We are very outdoor types. Doing my own stunts on screen is a dream situation for me,” she says. Deepika’s ten-minute stunt in Kochadaiyaan has been choreographed by Peter Hein who did the stunts for Rajinikanth’s Robot. Apparently, Rajinikanth personally requested Hein to make Deepika’s action sequences ‘super-hero style’.

Her stunts in Kochadaiyaan are described by the film’s co-producer K Murli Manohar as “never before action by a female star from any part of the world… on a par with Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill and Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft.” Apparently, Deepika’s athletic background (her father and sister are sportspersons) came into full play.

Director Soundarya Rajnikanth says, “It’s a fight with a lot of acrobatic action. Deepika had to go through continuous and swift movement through various locations at a lightening speed. It’s like a car chase on the feet. Peter has choreographed this sequence like he would have choreographed for any male hero.”



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