Ranveer Singh: “Priyanka plays my wife; blessed to have Deepika as Mastani”

In a new interview, Ranveer Singh confirms that Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are opposite him in SLB’s Bajirao Mastani. He also spoke about his equation with Deepika:

Deepika mentioned in an interview that Ranveer is God’s own child. She was referring to shooting RAM LEELA with you. Its evident you guys share a close bond, how did you strike this chord?

RAM LEELA is a very intense experience, and working on an intense experience it is bound to bring two people together. So I grew very close to her during the shoot. She is a wonderful person, not many people know about this, she has a great sense of humour. And she is very fun loving. She is also another person who has come a very long way in her craft. I will admit this to you, I saw RAM LEELA just once before it’s release. Very recently, I wasn’t getting sleep, and I decided to watch it on DVD and I realized that she is incredible. Watching it on TV at home is different than watching it prior to release in a screening theatre, when you are too involved with the project. I told her, watching it a second time, that you are incredible! I was shocked, when Mr Bhansali puts up a close up of hers, she’s got these gigantic eyes, and they convey everything that she is feeling inside! I couldn’t believe I missed all this the first time around. I admire her as an actor, the kind of comfort level that she has in front of the camera is astounding, and effortless. She is not acting, she is just being. That’s when a performer takes a role to another level, you feel like watching a real person, Leela feels like a real person. I am extremely fond of her at a personal level, and am really proud of her, and am lucky and blessed to have her as MASTANI. We were much loved as a couple in RAM LEELA. And Bhansali’s magnum opus, the way BAJIRAO MASTANI is shaping up, RAM LEELA feels like a warm up!

Source: http://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainmenttags/ranveer-singh/exclusive-priyanka-plays-my-wife-blessed-have-deepika-mastani-ranvee


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