Finding Fanny: Trailer is a huge hit- Times of India

Finding Fanny: Trailer is a huge hit
Finding Fanny
Hits so far: 3.5 million and counting

Our pick of the trailer this month is Homi Adajania’s Finding Fanny. He has earlier directed Being Cyrus and Cocktail. What makes this trailer special is its quirky absurdist humour that instantly connects with its target audience, the multiplex goer.

With three legends, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia in their unique avatars, along with the mad-looking Arjun Kapoor with the beautiful Deepika Padukone, the trailer certainly makes you want to see the film. My favourite in the trailer is Pankaj Kapur ogling at Dimple and the shot of her hiding her slit skirt at the back with her hand fan. It seems to be a mad film made by a somewhat mad bawa himself.

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Interestingly, while in the film Fanny is the name of a girl, in America, it is the slang for bum and, in England the slang for vagina, apart from the fact that the famous Italian footballer Mario Balotelli’s girlfriend is Fanny Neguesha. Talking to us about what makes the trailer work, the filmmaker said, “This film has come out of the warmth of my heart and the madness in my head but I think what makes this trailer work is that it’s quirky, absurdist humour has struck a chord with people who like this kind of cinema and has thus created a word of mouth for the film. The sweetest message I have got is ‘Everyday I get up seeing the trailer as it puts a smile on my face before I start the rest of the day.'” Talking about the name Fanny, he said, “Tomorrow I could make a film called Finding Dick, which could be about people searching for a guy called Richard (Dick is the pet name for Richard in the US). In our film Fanny is the pet name for Stefanie.”

WATCH: Finding Fanny | Official Trailer 



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