[ARTICLE]Rohit Shetty,Homi Adajania, Atul Kasbekar, Abbas and others on Deepika. Here’s what they have to say about her

“I discovered Deepika!I worked with her extensively on a lot of modeling assignments, particularly the Kingfisher Calender. Today,I am very,very proud of her.I think Deepika is the shinning example of the fact that hard work can take you to the top.From the day I know her-its been years now-that girl has been extremely dedicated with passionate desire to learn and better herself with each time. Today when I see her films, I marvel at the way she has evolved as an actress, from a film like Chandni Chowk to China where she was awkward to such confidence in Ram-Leela. Its unbelievable.”- Atul Kasbekar, Photographer.

“Very rarely do you find a director and his heroine bonding from the word go, but that’s what happened with Deepika and me. She’s a friend for life. When I was casting for Chennai Express,I always knew I wanted Deepika.She’s that rare mix of beauty and talent and though I knew she was perfect for the part, she really blew me away when she became Meenamma. That look,that walk,that accent…she made sure we always saw Meenamma,never Deepika. I am very happy to see her doing so well because she’s waited very long for this and she certainly deserves it. I dont think there’s a more dedicated and disciplined actress than Deepika in the industry today. She’s here to stay” – Rohit Shetty,Chennai Express

“Deepika comes with no superfluities, can be self deprecating and is highly committed to her craft. She is constant in her relentless effort to succeed. But her idea of success is enigmatic to me. She is aware of the extreme trappings that comes with the terrain but fearlessly dives into the deep-end of it like she knows no other way.I once remember her telling me “ I want my life to keep amazing me with change, though inside I’ll never change ”. Despite the perks of stardom, Deepika is well aware how fickle the field is. At her core, she has simplicity and an earthiness and a sensitivity that makes her endearing to whoever she comes in touch with. She will sustain her stardom because she has the wisdom to play the game with poise. Though she is fiercely driven, she is someone who values loyalty.” – Homi Adajania, Cocktail and Finding Fanny

“We feel so privileged and proud that Deepika’s superb streak at the box office started with our film Race2. On set, Deepika was the epitome of professionalism and dedication. Even if Mustan (his brother and co-director) and I would be satisfied with a shot, she would insist on doing it again so that she could improve on it. Deepika is the kind of actress who makes sure she gives her 100 percent to a shot and is always open to suggestion on how and where she can improve. Above all, she has the quality that takes anyone far in life- humility. ” –Abbas, Race2

“Deepika is the queen of Bollywood in 2013,no doubt about that.Not only she has evolved as an actress, there is a new-found confidence and charisma in her that is really showing onscreen. I have watched most all her films this year but I thought she just nailed it comepletely in Ram-Leela. Such powerful acting! Most heroines in our films are reduced to pretty faces for a scene here and an item number there. Deepika,this year, has actually made filmmakers write their films for her and has competed with and challenged her leading men when it comes to screen time.I truly think that she will continue to shine for a few more years, at least. More power to her!” –Prahlad Kakkar, Ad Guru







One thought on “[ARTICLE]Rohit Shetty,Homi Adajania, Atul Kasbekar, Abbas and others on Deepika. Here’s what they have to say about her

  1. Its grt to see that director loves deepu .it is posted by me on twitter atleast u shuldgive me some credit .but if people come to know that dp is fav of all then its okay

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