Deepika’s latest [INTERVIEW] with TOI

Actress Deepika Padukone -after experiencing a super successful year -says she’d love to get married and have “many, many, many children” but now isn’t the right time.

Q: Has life changed for you after a super successful year ?
It’s difficult to step outside and gauge the difference. Actually, I feel liberated. I feel free to do films, which may not be mainstream. There’s a certain kind of confidence, which has come in.

Q: Do you fear failure even more now?

Not really. I know it’ll happen sometime, but I’m not afraid. My career is based on what the audience likes and what they don’t like. The same audience which disliked my films earlier like them now. Maybe, in the future they will dislike some of my films. I would like to believe that I have a sense of reality. I can’t expect my career to be only on the upswing. After a successful debut, I had a phase of flops. My career is going to be full of ups and downs but hopefully in the end, it’ll be a memorable one.

Q: How do your parents react to your success?

They are neutral. (Laughs) They are like, “chalo accha hai but abhi aage badho”. Of course, they are proud to see their daughter achieve things all by herself.

They live through so many emotions when they see me go on stage to collect an award. But they are also my reality check.

Q: From New York to Mumbai, you and Ranveer Singh are constantly spotted together. Why don’t you accept your relationship with him?

There’s nothing to accept.

Q: Oh, come on!

You need to be sure of where you are headed and what you want with someone.

Q: Are you not ready to talk about the relationship yet?

It’s not about being ready. It’s about not being ready to be in a fully-committed relationship. I’ve been through a lot in the past. I’ve had my share of heartache. I’m a sensitive and emotional person. Until, I am totally ready, I won’t be able to talk about it.

Q: Are you getting cold feet be cause your last relationship and break-up went public?

Yes, definitely. When you go pub lic, there’s too much scrutiny. It puts un necessary pressure on the couple.

Q: How important is Ranveer in your life?

He’s definitely an important person in my life. He’s probably the most compatible person I’ve met. People find it strange because our energies are different. I’m a calm and centred person. He’s an energetic soul. Actually, people only see that side of his personality. He’s extremely sensitive and emotional. It’s rare to see that in a guy.

Q: What’s the best thing about Ranveer?

His honesty. He doesn’t mince his words at all.

Q: What’s the worst thing about him?

Umm… it’s not exactly a bad thing but it’s his OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)! When he’s on set, he has this full process, perfume lagao, brush karo, chewing gum khao, something something karo… He goes through this procedure before every shot!

Q: Sidharth Malhotra wants to kiss you; someone else wants to go on a date with you… the new actors are crazy about you…

They are just young boys who are excited and are being nice.

Q: You often hang out with them, right?

It’s actually weird to see some of them as actors now. I know Varun (Dhawan) since the beginning of my career. We have common friends. So it’s strange when I see him acting. I know the offcamera Varun. Sid and I have done shows together in our modelling days.

Q: Which of these young actors has potential?

I’m excited to see Harshwardhan Kapoor on screen. He’s good looking too.

Q: What about the younger actresses?

I like Alia (Bhatt) and Parineeti (Chopra). They are my friends.

Q: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

At the same place, doing exactly the same thing.

Q: So life will always be at the movies?

Yes, but at some point, I’ll get married and would want to start a family and have many, many, many children. But I will be working.

Q: When do you plan marriage?

I have to find the right person first. One needs to be sure. I’m 28, so I should be allowed to date casually. I should know the person completely and then decide on things. Only when I feel it’s the right time, will I settle down.

By Rahul Gangwani



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